Kenneth Dow

El Hoyo

Performance 2 hours 20h until curfew Spain, April 2021

It’s a concert inside of a hole!

El Hoyo alludes to Jeff Mills’ Exhibitionist performance. It uses site-specific performances to the likes of Boiler Room, but rotated at 90°. Concert attendees were able to look down and observe sound artists and musicians play ambient, drone, and noise sets in a crevice between mountains.

Performed after the recent lift of quarantine, el hoyo conveys the conflict of longing for the social happenings in raves and clubs, yet feeling repulsed by them. The synthesizer’s hypnotic drone, blue light reflecting from computer screens, young people idling around too tense to make contact with one another, El Hoyo demonstrates the anxiety of reintegrating oneself with the social environment of before.

“Museums are for building the workforce, clubs and raves are for destroying them,” Dow explains. With the disappearance of clubs and raves due to health restrictions and the rise of digital party, museum and gallery experiences, Dow asks when will we have time to assemble and discuss as a community outside of work if work never stops?

listen to the full concert on bandcamp.


Performers: Marzia Matarese, Violeta Mayoral, and Ivan Paz, Kenneth Dow

Production: Paula Tsau Camera: Andres Carvajal